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Step into our clothing.
Be yourself, and be free.

Nestled in the foothills of the KZN midlands lies the home of Free Range clothing – a proudly local women’s clothing boutique. Surrounded by natural beauty, this is where designer and owner, Caroline Carlisle, draws inspiration for her line of wholesome, simple, and comfy but classy clothing. Step into our store – here you’ll find women’s basic wardrobe essentials, elegant outfits, and casual and classic outfits to suit you at every stage of your life.

Caroline is not a fashion designer by trade, but lives by the legacy of Edna Woolman Chase: “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”

Kath Mckenzie 

Kath Mckenzie is a clothing designer by trade, and well renown within the local community for her sleepwear range – Hedgerow. With her wealth of experience and expertise, she coordinates and manages our manufacturing processes, and alongside Caroline, co-designs all our apparel. Kath and Caroline have developed a blossoming friendship, formed by the countless hours spent together on the road, at design meetings, and with a cup of coffee and a pair of scissors in hand at the cutting table creating clothing.  

Amanda Dlamini 

Amanda is a loyal member of staff and has been with us since inception in 2012. This kind, hard-working colleague and friend runs our shop at Piggly Wiggly and is the warm, friendly face who greets you as you step through our door. She has very much become an ambassador associated with our brand.  

Caroline has always had a flair and distinct style of her own and a vision for sharing this unique style with others. This is how Free Range clothing began – with a desire to create a neutral clothing line that was both functional and feminine, simple and stylish, comfortable and elegant.

Caroline’s clothing designs are made with real people in mind. The simplicity of their colour, texture and designs are perfect for the everyday housewife, working woman, or weekend traveler. Caroline believes in style being understated. She believes that everything you wear should have an effortless feel to it, and that women can be truly be themselves when they feel and look comfortable. It all starts with the clothing you wear.

Free Range clothing embraces the basics – think muted hues, raw textures, and flattering, timeless cuts. We celebrate femininity in every form and figure, embracing straight and curvy. We believe that you don’t need to sacrifice beauty for comfort, or comfort for style.

When planning your wardrobe, Caroline’s clothes are the beautiful building blocks you need. The classics that will stand the test of time, the neutral, must-have essentials every woman should have in her armour.

Step into our clothing. Be yourself, and be free.